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I just recently picked up a 2013 M796, has woodcraft low bars, aftermarket rearsets (and other mods but focusing on handling). I'm not new to riding, I feel i'm fairly experienced in riding (not a street Rossi, but I hold my own). I've found that cornering doesn't feel as smooth as it should be, generally I prefer a stiffer fork setup, I've found my monster is fairly squishy. I have not set sag yet, but I don't believe this to be a huge part of the issue. One of the factors I am focusing on is riding on a wide tire, I've owned a Moto Guzzi V7 for a few years now and I could whip that thing in and out of corners NO problem. I've never owned/ ridden hard nor in twisties with a bike with 180/55 tire in the back. For reference the Guzzi has a 130/80-17.

Looking for advice, as Ducati's are kind of in a league of their own (for a multitude of reasons). Am I just being a wuss and not leaning hard enough? Is there a certain way to throw a monsters weight around?

Any help is appreciated! Ride safe!
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