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You got a great bike for a hell of a good price. Do your research on this board and figure out what mods fit into your budget in what order and go from there. There are some great suggestions in the Faq's section on this site. Ride safe and congrats on the purchase. Just keep in mind that once the mod bug bits it is hard to stop! ;D

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;) Thanks for the input. I think i would like to start with a good set of high pipes.
Been looking around to try to find a good set and see which ones are going to bring the most out of the engine.

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best bang for the buck is sprocket adjustments. do a search and you'll find a LOT of info on that. everyone likes their pipes, so no matter what brand you choose you wont be sorry. i have termi's on mine, and i love em. always look on ebay for fun stuff too!

you can also do an open airbox mod i think, or get a K&N air filter.

I have an 02 S4, also. I love it and have done tons of mods and research on each, so feel free to ask if you have any questions.

The absolute must is a 14t fornt sporcket. Huge difference.

The pipes really change the attitude of the beast. i personnaly have High mount Leo Vinici's. But do some research and get exactly what you want.

There is also a ton of dress stuff to do the bike. Check out som epics of other bikes to get ideas. Also search the web. Look at www.rizoma.com www.cyclecat.com

here are some pics of my bike.

hope I helped.

here is a few mods that most people seme to agree on

ohlins S/D
ohlins R/S
sargent seat
billet aluminum levers by CRG
zerogravity W/S smoke color
carbon fiber S/B front fender
cyclecat reasets
cyclecat clutch cover
cyclecat sprocket cover
D/P 45/50 Ti Hi mount header and pipes
D/P air box cover
D/P air filter
D/P oilcooler
D/P mirrors
D/P S4 cam ECU
SPS cams dagreed and set
stainless steel clutch springs
rear fender eliminator
39 tooth sprocket
525 ragina gold chain
yoyodyne slave cylinder
goodridge brake line kit F/R
goodridge clutch line
Braketech superlite rear rotor
LSL superbike handlebar kit
STM adjustable pullys
STM Floating disc button kit 5mm
STM crankcase breather/KN filter

Yes, all of those , I"m almost done with that list and trying to find more stuff to do....VTM ;D ;D

let me ask you how did your map come out with the pcIII.

what hp is your bike pushing

how is your a/f ratio and co %.

i had mine installed but was not to happy with it so i took it out but i am having it reinstalled and remaped
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