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Just sold my naked custom Yamaha R1 streetfighter to commence a full customising (repaint and all Rizoma accessories) of my 2008 SR4RS (sheez - hope I got that model designation right!).

My Monster was dropped at only 3,000km, was purchased as a repairable writeoff and an interim owner fitted a dry slipper clutch. Have not seen too many of this model so far in OZ - thought that it was far more common and only heard of one or two turning up at the Australian Moto GP that I rode to on the R1 to last month.

At the end of the event I made a point of sitting at the side of the road to listen to many of the 1,000's of bikes leaving the Moto GP and nothing (well OK - just a couple of models from other makers might have come within 20%) could equal the deep guttoral exhaust note of the bigger bore Ducatis - simply sweet music!!

I am fitting carbon Arrow cans and Arrow cross pipe, new bikini fairing and tinted screen, The Monster's Frame is being painted orange pearl with oyster pearl white or dark silver tank. Should be a unique eye opener! Can't wait - standby for pix! (budget on 4 to 5 weeks....).

Don't have rear pegs so need to good oil on what works best on a s4rs. if there are any petite and fit non smokin female Ducati owners 24 to 44yrs - i'm in the market for company!! Plz feel free to refer me to sisters or others that qualify.

Best regards to all Duke Owners,

Smallus (Greg) in Sydney
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