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I have always wanted Ducati monster since I was in college, finally after 5 years of waiting.. got myself a 02 Ducati Monster 750 Dark.

I was member from this forum since 5/08, this is my first new member post!!! :)

I am used to ride sports bike (06 ZX6R), this is totally different and FUN!

The bike currently has ex-box exhaust, belly pen fairing, Rizoma Adjustable Rearsets, and DP seat.

I am going to do some cosmetic touches like levers, touch up paints, mirros+

now, back to business,, I have a couple questions:
1. with the Rizoma rearset, I am having a hard time installing the brake light switch. The actual rod is not inserting into the slot where the black button pushes in. Is there any trick for this!?

2. I checked the oil lvl, and it was low. The bike has 15w50 Redline oil in it, I had 15w50 Motul sitting around my garage, I poured a bit into it to lvl it out, will mix-match-ing diff. brand synth. oil is okay things to do on ducatis?

3. I want to order me a Monsterparts's dual headlight kit, has anyone done it to theirs and is it really plug and play? does both lens light up at the same time?

4. Is there any special magic for doing winterize other than battery tender on ducati engines?

I am sure these topics have arrised on this forum for the longest time, but it seems like I can not get a straight answers. There are about 16 more questions that I had originally, had been already answered by using "search" feature on this forum.

Thanks in advance, and see you on the rode! :)

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