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Needing advice on bike choice

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Can anyone help me to decide on which new bike to go for - either an S2R 803 or an S2R 1000?
I'm a big fan of the S2Rs but need informed advice from anyone who has ridden both bikes or has the know how on these machines. I'm an "older rider" just getting back into riding but have lots of past experience with powerful bikes. A lot of my riding will be at relatively low speeds around town traffic on sometimes rougher road surfaces but I need something that is a blast to ride on A & B type roads also. Is the 1000 dry clutch very noisy and stiff to operate and what is the 1000 like to ride around town? How good are the 803 front brakes when compared to the 1000? How do the bikes compare for rougher road surfaces? Would appreciate any input from knowledgable Ducati freaks......
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