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Maybe you can help me out. Actually you'd be helping out my co-worker more than me. So we have an area where I work and everyone parks their bikes there. I call it the stable. So my co-worker came back from his lunch break. When he was pulling into the stable he hit my bike. He sent it tumbling into a block pylon. That pylon damaged the instrument cluster, the clutch lever, the left exhaust can, the rubber isolator mounts for the cluster, the panel frame, the mirror, and the headlight.
I told him not to worry about the minor cosmetic stuff. The way I figure it is like this: I could have damaged the mirror and clutch lever in the garage or just parking. The exhaust rash is on the bottom of the can and I want to upgrade the stock exhaust anyway. The headlight I do mind because it's in the front. The cluster took it bad, badly enough that I need to replace the housing and all of the mounting hardware.
My co-worker is willing to pay whatever it will cost. He feels very badly, but I don't want it to be that bad for him.
Can anyone sell me the following?
(1)instrument panel housing
(1)instrument panel frame 470.1.062.1A
(2)vibration damper pads 700.1.038.1A
(1)headlight retaining bezel
Thank you so much for reading my post and sympathizing. Please let me know if you have any of these parts and how much $$ you would like for them.
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