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Hi all, I am looking for an exploded diagram of the throttle body assembly for my 2006 S2R Dark. I am trying to find a replacement part that controls the fast idle. I have the service manual for my bike and I have the spare parts catalog from ducati.com but neither show this part for some reason.

I am wondering, is there somewhere else I should be looking? In the spare parts catalog they show the throttle body from the left side but not the right where the part is. Is this broken out somewhere else?

Unfortunately, the part I need doesn't seem to have a number on it. Another part that is close by (but also not in the diagram) has "P/N" on it and I found that in the index of the spare parts catalog but not in the diagrams.

So, anyone have any ideas? Is there another secret catalog or something that shows all the parts of the fast idle adjust mechanism?

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