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If anyone remebers-I had my Ducky ran over about 5 weeks ago. I just got everything back together-new exhaust included, but now the thing wont start. I put fresh fuel in it, charged the battery. I checked for spark and fuel to the carbs(good on both), but it still wont fire up. I'm gonna put new plugs in today, change the oil, and such.

Anybody have any suggestions?
Also-Has anyone ever used starting fluid in their duc? I'm comtemplating using some, if everything else fails.

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I can't see any harm in using starting fluid, provided that any flames that might shoot out of the intakes won't, you know, damage anything else on the bike.

A few things that might have a bearing on your starting problem:
- Ignition timing: If it's far enough off, it just won't start, although normally I'd expect to get a cough or two.
- Cam timing: If it's way out, that could be an issue, although I'd expect it to crash valves or at least crank "funny" if this was the case.
- Choke cable: If someone forgot to re-connect it, maybe you're not really getting any choke.
- Spark plugs: Fouled?
- Water in the carbs? I'd probably drain the float bowls just to be sure.

I don't recall how extensive your repairs were, so forgive me if some of these suggestions (I'm thinking specifically about cam timing) don't apply.

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