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need referal on extreemsupply.com

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story short,
I bid on an 05 bostrom xl spec 1 r extreem suomy lid on ebay and the seller contacted me directly... this seems legit as he gave me his website and wants to do ths helmet off ebay for 300 quid... does anyone have experience dealing with this company? I'm going to use paypal direct method of payment, but dont know if that would be best or if using my credit card directly ordering over the phone would be safer.

any comments or suggestions would be great. thanks

also, he wanted to charge me for shipping since im getting the lid so cheap, but his website says "totally free" shipping for anything over 50 bucks.
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i havent dealt with this company first off. but why does he want to sell it off ebay? to avoid costs on ebay? i would tell them that you will pay whatever your bid was on ebay and not pay for shipping. its his problem that he sold the helmet soo cheap and advertises no shipping costs. good lookin lid!
these guys are legit, & do provide good service - not to mention the best prices on agv lids. i've been to their office location in costa mesa, ca. small office w/ huge warehouse inventory. when i first went over to try on the agv helmets, they brought out 6 different lids for me to try & spent half an hour w/ me talking about helmet safety standards (snell vs. bsi). i ended up purchasing an arai elsewhere, coz i didn't really like the agv fit.
cool deal. I just confirmed with the sales girl at extreemsupply. I'm gettin this exact lid for 380 shipped. 300 for the lid 65 for the iridium multi shield and 15 for the shipping. msrp is over 780 bucks listed on their website and I'm saving tons of money so it's good deal overall... I'm stoaked
that brain bucket looks 10x better in person too
bought a HJC carbon helmet from them, shipped fast, was a bit large, and so I shipped it back and got the new one in no time. No issues at all. [thumbsup]
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