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Hi - new member - long time rider. I'm 56 and this is my first Ducati - always loved the S4RS and this one is in great shape with only 30,000 kms on it.

Anyway - a previous owner took off the rear footpegs - which looks better, sure, but sometimes I want to take a passenger for a ride.

I have attached 2 pics - the white bike has similar pipes and has footpegs. The black bike is mine and you can see there are no rear pegs.

So...will the stock rearsets/rear pegs fit over/around the Termignoni pipes, or do I need something else - and if the stock pegs will fit, does anybody have some for sale - I can check the classifieds - but need to know if stock pegs will clear the exhaust when mounted.

Thank you - I appreciate any advice.



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