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Need new sprockets...help!

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Hi there! This is my first post on here.......i am in need of new sprockets and a chain on my `98 Monster 900.I want to "gear" it down a bit and im asking for tips about which sprockets to choose.The way it is now it has a top speed of 200 km/h+ which is not interesting for me.I want kick-ass acceleration and dont care much for a top speed in the 200+ km/h area.....so come on with your sprocket tips.Its a 1998 M900 carburetted model.
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I just installed a tacho on my 95 900m, god knows how i did without one for sooo long.

As a benchmark for your evaluation,

The result was with 39t rear & 14t front.

200klm per hour, 8,500rpm, WOT flat, nothing left.

this sprocket combination makes the bike very drivable around town, & I guess must give better accelleration than the factory set up.
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