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:( When my wife purchased her monster, the seat lock cable was loose and the damn dealer just gives us the shrug off every time we ask to fix. What is a permanant fix to keep my seat from popping off? Also, how much does a new stock tank cost in dark color? When we priced it last year they said 900, now it is all of a sudden it cost 1700? what is going on here? Any feedback on these things would be greatly appreciated.

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There is some adjustment that can be made with the seat latch cable or in some cases shimming the lock a bit higher is needed to correct it. Pretty easy fix...
As far as a tank price goes, I can check tomorrow but I would bet a dark tank is over $1400 MSRP.. Do you need a new tank ? You can find a few on e bay and most likely on this board..
Hope this helps..
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