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I"m looking to buy a bike in a few months when i move to Phoenix, and I always LOVED Ducatis. I want to get a 600 monster and spend between 4k and 5k. The problem is, I dont know too much about them. How are they as far as reliability, quality, and cost to own?

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Hey "Wants"! I live in the Phoenix area. There are a few of out here who have Monsters. I have an '03 620 and LOVE it! I've had it for about 7 months. It is my first "true" streetbike and has been great! I had to replace the tires a few weeks ago around 7000 miles. No problems with it at all. There is a local Duc Mechanic who works out of his garage. He will save you a bnch of money. I bought my at the Duc shop in Phoenix. There is a shop in Mesa too. They have a bunch of accessories there. The website is www.azsbk.com look em up. I don't think they have any used Monsters over there at the moment.

Where you moving from anyway and what part of the valley are you moving to? Azmonster and I both live in Gilbert. There are about 8 of us who live in the area but we haven't gone out riding yet. There are 2 Duc meetings (actually all Euro bikes) every month in Chandler and Scottsdale. You can find out more on www.aztrackday.com (I'm pretty sure that's the address).

Anyway, I bought my 620 new for $6000. You should be able to find a used 600/620 for the price you are looking for. I know a woman who just bought a 600 dark at Phoenix International Motorsports. Check their website if they have one or talk to Chris ( i hope that was his name :-/) (602)864-1437. The maintenance can be costly but you will save some cash with that duc mechanic. You won't go wrong buying the Monster. You'll LOVE IT! Better handling than any Japanese bike and a lot of looks! So many mods you can do to it to make it your own. Get one and we'll go out for a ride when you get here!

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Sounds good, bud.
I"m going to Universal Technical Institute which is off of Grand Ave. I"m looking for apartments inside the "U" where 17 is on the left, 51 on the right and 10 is underneath. Probably live in the North phoenix/paradise valley area.
But anyways, I was originally looking for a 2000 suzuki sv 650 cause I didnt think I could afford a ducati, but hell, if I can get one in that price range, i'll jump on it in a second. Can you give me the address of that garage that works on them? And also, please keep me updated if you know anyone in the phoenix area who has a M 600 for sale prolly mid-late 90s.
thanks and maybe i'll bump into you when I move there in January.

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There aren't a lot of M600s in the US, definitely not late `90s as they imported just the M750s and M900s to DNA until `01.

Unless there's a specific reason that you want a 600, you might as well go for a 750 from that era. They have about the same HP as the current generation M620i.e., and they can be had at a bargain as they don't have the same resale value as the 900s.

(Former Phoenician)

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I've a M600, here in Italy. Great bike for absolute beginners (like me). Not much horsepower, but for that reason if you make a mistake with the throttle you don't get punished too hardly.
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