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Need advice for parts after my monster was damaged

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My 2002 Monster 620 flat Black was knocked over and the following damage was done:

1. Kick stand bent.
2. Dent in the gas tank.
3. Handle bar supposedly bent
4. Scrathes in the exhaust.

When taken to the shop the guy came with a prelimenary estimate of 4000-5000$ CDN for a bike that was worth $10,000CDN new...I find this ridiculous can anyone find a decent rate for these parts...Any help would be appreciated.
I dont want to get insurance involved because of premiums and other reasons.

Primarily the tank was quoted to be $3000CDN new is this right. Also can minor dents be removed by a good body shop or does it need to be replaced.

Sorry about the somewhat stupid questions I am somewhat a newbie to the ducati brand and any help would be a great help

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Re: Need advice for parts after my monster was dam

Just two quick notes:

1. Kickstand: usually you could straighten it and it will be strong enough to support your bike with no problem. However, if it was bent hard, verify with the shop that they checked for cracks at the kickstand base (part of the engine case)--not uncommon but repairable.

2. Battery acid: check for signs of acid spray on the frame and in particular the bottom of the tank.

I think there should be a FAQ item for crash/drop estimates, items that can be repaired etc.
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