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Name this bellypan part.. win a prize!

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Okay no prizes but please name this part


I found this pic over at duc.org but there isnt any details on who made the bellypan.

From what I can tell it's not any of the normal suspects.
It appears to cover a little more of the front of the motor but i really like the way it flows to the rear wheel! Is this a "oil catcher" model?

I do not think its a DP part, theirs looks like it doesnt go as far back towards the rear wheel but instead ends around the exhaust pipe clamp under the motor.
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It's called the Imola bellypan and is available at Spareshack. Ok, now where's my prize? ;D
One thing I've noticed about this bellypan (in the few pics I've got of it) is that it seems to fit the M900's best while on the smaller displacement Monsters it doesn't seem to fit as tight up to the engine. Maybe Stuart from Spareshack can comment on this. Here are a few different pics of it. The first bike is an M620. The second is, I believe, an M900 and not too sure about the third.

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Thanks for the gold star! :D
Does this mod have any function besides looking cool? I was considering getting one for my 620 thinking it could possibly help the engine run a little cooler on the highway. I haven't found too much info on them though.
I'm going to be getting one of the DP bellypans to keep crud off the bottom of the engine and protect some of the lines and wires that are down there.
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