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I'm getting a new (can't believe the wife actually suggested that!)
620 in a couple of months.

what color do you guys think is the most visible year round in our great northwest?


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You could paint it up that hi-viz green/yellow that was popular on fire trucks a few years back, and you'd still be invisible to some oblivious, cell phone talkin' moron in a car.

When I used to ride a bike (pedal) in SF, I went on the theory of "if they can't see you, they can't hit you" so rode my black bike with no lights, reflectors, bright colors, or anything else that would make me easy to hit. I lean the same way with my motorcycles and assume that no one sees me and make it my responsibillity not to get hit.

I do ride with my high beams on though, because it tends to make the narrow end of the bike a little more noticeable to the people in cars who are about to turn left in front of me. (AND, slow driving jacka$$es in the fast lane tend to notice that in their rear-views and get the hell out of my way.)

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