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Mystery Clutch Fluid Loss

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I took my 620 into the shop because it was losing clutch fluid and I had to keep bleeding the lines and topping it off. They replaced the entire master cylinder and said that should fix the problem. It ran fine for 4 weeks (200 miles or so) then all of sudden the clutch lost all compression and was low on fluid again. I took it back in and they can't find any leaks or reasons for it to be low on fluid. They topped it off, bled the lines again, and said if it happens again I'll just need to replace the slave cylinder. Is that a natural conclusion, would a bad slave cylinder cause this? Can't you just look at a slave cylnder and tell if it needs to be replaced?
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Statistically the more likely culprit would be the slave, and once unbolted from the engine the leak can be detected. Chances are if you look you will see evidence of the leak in the paint under the slave while it is in place. It is possible both units were causing the problem.
Same thing with Jeeps. The slave is usually the culprit.
It can't be a mystery because it is a very finite system. It can only leak at the master, the line , or the slave (not counting the crush washer connections). You are left with the slave at this point.
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