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My tail didn't even last 36hours . . .

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It just had to go!

I did it in a way that used as many of the factory parts as possible, including the stock license plate light. Used some of the posts and pics here as inspiration!

Total cost was $1.50. Took longer than I thought, though! I'm really happy with the results, though.

I've only had the bike since Monday afternoon, and I've already given it a good cleaning, changed the oil and filter, cleaned the oil strainer, and checked the condition of the belt and belt tension. All looks good!

Of course, I've ridden it to work each day, too!

Some gratuitous pics.

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Yep, might want to check the plate angle. There's a reason we all have plates facing the sky :p

It'll hit your tire when the rear compresses. At least mine did.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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