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I know some of the folks on this board may be fed up with me moaning about how my S4 is not as nice as my M750,

well it is now,

a couple of months ago I spoke to Neil Spalding at Sigma in Tonbridge England who build race Ducatis, he told me that the best mod to transform the S4 handling is to fit a set of superbike bars. Then do any other suspension mods afterwards.

Oh boy! was he right.

I sourced a set of aftermarket top yokes here in Thailand from Japan and a set of Yoshimura Alloy superbike bars and risers, price all in $260.00 fitted ,they look great but the real payoff is handling and comfort much improved, less vibration, sharper turns better balance.It has transformed this S4 .

If I had sourced these bits in UK or USA would have cost $470.00

I am still messing with the termis to get the sound ,

I wont give up on this bike until its perfect , it must be love or obsession.

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