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Put 180 miles on the new 04 M800 today...interesting and fun day....until I stopped for dinner.

It started fine, but every time I put it into gear, the engine died. I am assuming it still thought the side stand was down. I slapped the side stand up and down several times, turned the key off and did the "boot up" sequence a few times, rocked the bike back and forth...no joy.

I finally got it to go...the last thing I tried was disconnecting the plug that goes to the sidestand switch. It died when putting it into gear as before. I then reconnected the plug, turned on the key, started the bike...and it worked.

Was the motorcycle god on break for a few minutes and logged back on at that point, or did I stumble onto the way to fix the problem?

And what happened, anyway?

Once while restarting it during this trial and error process, it acted like it got "stuck" in crank mode... the enngine wasn't running, and my finger wasn't on the starter button, but the engine was lugging somewhere between cranking and running. It stopped just as I was reaching for the kill switch.

I'm thinking my monster's cpu got seriously confused somehow.

Anyone seen this before? Ideas?

Thanks in advance,


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Sounds like the sidestand switch was not making a good connection. I am pretty sure it breaks connection when down, so unplugging does not complete the "Run" circuit. The diconnect kits use a jumper wire. On the new Ducs the starter will continue to turn over until bike starts.

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Ditto on the starter question. Make sure you watch the starter if it does this. Anything more than 5-6 seconds SHUT IT OFF. Something is wrong (Choke, kickstand, etc) Do not let that starter sit there and grind for long. I may be the only one, but I let it run for a while one day and it killed my battery.
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