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I'm so stoked. After spending far too long on this strip/rebuild project -- and starting to get really frustrated with it -- I got my bike to start last night. Woohooo.

My friend came over with a multi-meter and we started testing. Noticed a huge current draw when the ignition was turned on, but there didn't seem to be a short. The battery, however, after sitting on no tender for a couple months, wasn't holding a charge.

We hooked it up via jumper to my car battery (probably a no-no, but what the hell) and the bike started right up. Let it run for awhile (to burn in all the new paint) and listen to the sweet exhaust note. It started again this morning, so that's a good sign.

Just need to bleed brakes some more, and do a couple minor things. Barring catastrophe, I may just be riding this weekend!
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