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My Ducati debut!

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After lurking here for a while I'm almost ready to take the plunge. I have a testride set up for friday. I have narrowed my choice down to the following bikes:

07' S4R Testastretta
06' S4RS
06' Aprilia Tuono

The dealer only have a S2R 1000 available for a ride, but I'm confident it will give me a good taste of how the bigger Monsters handle and feel on the road. I hope it suits my 5.8 frame.

I've always had a softspot for red Ducati's. The newS4RT in red/black hits all the buttons. I'm also tempted by the RS for it's ohlins, but I'm not sure about the white colour on the one available. Does it look better than in pics?
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I look forward to your comparison of all 3, especially the s4r VS the Tuna.

mitt said:
I look forward to your comparison of all 3, especially the s4r VS the Tuna.

As I said, I can only compare the Tuono to the S2Rk as the others are not available for a testride.
The white S4RS is shall we say "striking". It is even more attractive than the yellow color. It is a "pretty" color scheme so I think it is not for everyone. Buy it and be bold!!!

The pearl white one is froofy but if you swing that way than go ahead and get it, it's pretty :D
Don't think you could go wrong with any of them, all fine bikes.
Totally useless post here... there is no 2006 S4RS. It's an '07 model. Please ignore this message. Except for this part- The Ohlins suspension is amazing and can't be appreciated until you ride it. Best of luck in your decision!
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