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What you found and what your cousin is talking about are two different things. Your article is talking about a method to strip the paint off of steel prior to restoring/repainting the body work.

Your cousin is talking about a process called "Parkerizing."

Here is a paragraph I got off of a gun refinishing site. I used to be a gunsmith and when your cousin mentioned the "green" color I knew what he was getting at...though Parkerizing can be colors other than green... Here is the cut/paste, if you need more info, Google "Parkerizing."

What is Parkerizing?
Parkerizing otherwise known for Automotive and Motorcycle (and useful for) as Phosphating and/or Phoshatizing, where outside of the Gun industry, Parkerizing is an unknown, and is generally a do-it-yourself project with the right equipment. It also stands for Manganese Phosphate for guns and also Zinc Manganese Phosphating for guns. US new Factory is generally soft, and from those who use normal phosphate is generally way too light. If you want better than factory and better than lesser results, or good results though, the chemistry is important. If you don't have to play with the Parkerizing formula with additional chemistry, and don't have to make the metal black first before Parkerizing, then your results will be much better. Here you will find in addition to chemically-complete kits, tips, suggestions, and free support up front to select and get the best results for your own gun parts, Tools, Auto Motorcycle Restoration Hardware, Automotive tools, Harley Davidson Hardware, and miscellaneous with a Parkerizing that is without doubt the best, and in easiest to use and most rugged:

Here is a link to the rest of the page...they are trying to sell Parkerizing kits to do small parts or entire guns.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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