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My banana hammock.....

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aka - speedo , is messed up....

I had 2 of my buddys following me today, one on his cbr rr, and the other on a zx10r when my speedo said 135, theirs said 156-158

at lower speeds (under 100) , the thing is DEAD on. - i use those "you are going 40,41,SLOW DOWN! SLOW DOWN SLOW DOWN" signs.

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I would say the speedos on your friend's bikes are optimistic.

Try going by the sign at 135mph and see what it says then! [laugh]
A few years back I clocked 172 on my 2001 R1, I tend to think it was pretty close, but if you were going 150+ on a non faired Monster, dude, you would know it!
On a 620 no less! R****** protege`? [laugh] It's definitely theirs that are being optimistic. If you want to check it, we can ride and I'll clock us with my GPS.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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