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Ok, new to the board. Tried searching for this problem but didn't come across anything.

I have an 01 750. I recently bought the ebay sequential tail light, integrated blinkers. I instal it. Something wasn't wired right, blew the little fuse. Wired it correctly, replaced fuse, everything seems fine. Although I think there was a 10a fuse, when I believe It should have been a 7.5.. anyway another 10 is in there.

I go to start the bike. It starts up fine. No choke since its getting warmer here in FL. walk away for a minute, come back and it stalled. I figure no biggy.. must be because no choke. So I go to start it back up, doesn't want to stay on at all. If I let go of the throttle it just stalls with or without choke. Here's whats more weird. When the bike does crank over with me holding the throttle a little. The RPM guage doesn't come on at all. Maybe even the speedo, but i didn't try taking it out with it being like this. The lights come on, head light, guage lights, tail light..

I gave the battery a charge, it was about 60% and took it off at 99 to test it out. The battery also shows about 13.5 volts while the bike is off with a multimeter. That was even before I charged it.

A buddy of mine suggested it may be a stater and to check the volts running through battery while the bike is on. I figured I'd come here first to see if anyone has any ideas. Thanks for taking time to read this, and any help
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