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Saturday the dealership here in Tampa had a brand spanking new Multistrada demo. I took it out for a short test ride, maybe a couple miles - all city. My friend rode my monster so I got to see / hear it with the new exhaust.

Impressions of the Multistrada:

Rider position; When I first sat on the bike it felt rather scooter-ish. Very upright position, feet squarely under me - very comfortable but starange. On a big harley the position is rather laid back, like a lazy-boy. This was very upright, but again comfortable. The riders seat, however, actually has two positions; the forward position is about 1/2" lower than the rear position. Now I'm 6' and in the lowest part of the seat the heels of my boots barely touched the ground. The controls are very similar to the monster. The clutch had a much braoder friction zone than my 620 which went well with the more relaxed feel.

Engine; the dual spark 1000 engine - very, very nice. At first the engine didn't seem any different that the 620. very calm and reserved ( I test road an M800 before I bought the 620 - it was a snarling beast! ) The power delivery of the 1000 was buttery smooth but once she was opened up - wow, power to spare. I don't have alot of motorcycle experience but that engine in a monster must be one nice combination. I'm seriously considering selling the 620 in the near future and picking up a 1000.

Handling; even though I was limited to city riding the potential of this bike was very apparent. Once underway the bike felt very agile and manuverable. Some fast sprints weaving through heavy traffic illustrated the bikees stable and confidence inspiring poise. After a few minutes I didn't really feel the position affected handling at all.

Aesthetics; hate it. I just don't like the look of the fairing / gas tank. Everything else is very cool: the tail section, frame, single-sided swing arm. If it had more of a MH900e look to the front end I think I'd like it more - of course I don't really like the look of the 999 either :-/

Conclusion; If I had to have only one bike this would probably fit the bill. I think it has the potential to do just about anything, so looking at it from that point of view, I'd have to say the bike was successful. I'm looking forward to hearing from an owner with some extended saddle time though, anyone looking to buy in the near future? ;)


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If I had the money to spare, I would buy a Multistrada today. A red one with the larger saddlebags and the taller windscreen option.

I would keep the Monster, though.

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You can have it! I've never sat on a more uncomfortable seat. As far as styling is concerned, I bet you have to sneak up on it just to put gas in it! JUST KIDDING!(except for the seat)
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