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Muffler and catalytic converter question - General question -Not Ducati related

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Non Monster related but I thought someone may have insight on this.

I intend to open up the muffler and remove baffles and catalytic converter to improve power on a single cylinder 125cc engine ( carb'd). Sachs MadAss 125

Is this likely to work?

WIll I need to re jet the carb?

Any pitfalls?

Any tips please...

The exhaust does not appear to be restricted at the manifold. I have not looked into the air filter box yet but will probably replace the cheap foam filter with something else.
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well, since the bike wont automatically compensate for more air going out, by letting more air and fuel in (like never cars do), then yeah, a rejet would be a good idea. Also wouldnt be a bad idea to open the intake up a little if it isnt already
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