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Actually, my deal with Scott was more a joint purchase; At the time, Scott was going to buy Termi slip-ons, and I wanted SPS cams. So, it worked out very well for both of us.

As far as the heads (and I could certainly be wrong on this), I thought only the S4 and the ST4s had the different heads with the lowered exhaust cam towers and not the ST4 (I know that wouldn't make sense). What I do know is that the S4 and the ST4s share the shorter duration intake cam profile and the ST4 does not, so maybe I'm just projecting that thought onto the ST4 heads.


As to the value of SPS cams, after you factor in the cost of adjustable pulleys and a proper installation, it is pretty hard to justify.

But, if you were to buy them right, and would enjoy installing the cams yourself (like I did), then it is worthwhile, let's say 5 HP. My interest in them was more anticipation of possible future engine mods, knowing my intention to keep my bike. Also, as PowerCommader and FIM had yet to come out with a 5.9 solution, this was the only way I could get the matched ECU (map). As important, I thought it would be a fun project.

In a recent sixth gear roll-on against Scott, he pulled me until about 6000 rpm...after 6000 I would pull him, but it really wasn't dramatic either way.

(Although a day later, after disassembling my fuel tank for painting, I found my fuel filter was at least 80% plugged, so...we will see
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