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Motowheels year end Sale

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Sample of what we currently have on sale ( we are adding more items every day)

Repsol Chain Lube 150 ml Sale Price: $2.25 List Price: $4.50
MotoWheels Billet Ducati Clutch Cover: 10 Spoke; $139 reg $179
OZ Racing / Bucci wheels: Forged Aluminum wheels for Monsters/ ST /748-998/ 749-999: Weighs the same as some cast magnesium wheels. On sale for $1499 set while they last. Original retail $2300

CF Rear Hugger "Short" : 749-999 Sale Price: $125.00 List Price: $250.00
CF Racing Air Intake Tubes: 749-999 Sale Price: $599.99 List Price: $699.99
CF Mono Tail: 749-999 "Corse" Red/White Sale Price: $769.00 List Price: $1,009.00
CF Mono Tail: 749-999 "Desmosedici Style" on sale $499
Penske shocks: 749/999: $799 reg $1170
DP "FILA" 749/999 Indoor Dust Cover Sale Price: $189.00 List Price: $219.00
CF Mono Tail: 749-999 "Corse" Sale Price: $499.00 List Price: $799.00
Fresco Titanium Slip-on 999 $999

Termignoni 45/50 Half System: 748-996 Sale Price: $999.00 List Price: $1,699.00
Penske shocks: 748-998: $799 reg $1170

Motowheels 2-1 Full System: M900 Sale Price: $850.00 List Price: $1,199.00
Zard 2-2 SS/CF Full System: Monster S2R 1000/800/S4R $1199 reg $1430
Fresco Exhaust Slip-on Systems for all Monsters: $579

Sport Classics:
Zard 2-2 SS Full System: Paul Smart/Sport 1000 $1399 reg $1699

Motowheels Leather Jacket: Black , Motowheels "Metropolitan" Leather Jacket only $99
Ducati Performance "Pure" Leather Jacket: Black/Black Sale Price: $299.00 List Price: $739.00
NCR "Urban" Leather Jacket: Beige Sale Price: $349.00 List Price: $675.00
Dainese: Select Dainese apparel is over 60% and dropping weekly. Discounts in our member section for all Dainese products...

BST wheels:
Get 10% off and a $150 Gift Certificate. And as an added bonus: For an extra $200, we will mount and balance a set of Michelin Pilot Powers before we ship.
contact us for more information
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Fresco conical high pipes in titanium ($579):

Fresco conical CF S2R/S4R ($579):

Motowheels jackets ($99):

Dainese Goretex Raincarr suit (Dainese's version of the aerostich $399):

STM Vertigo pressure plates ($175):
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7000 series alum billet wheel nut set for Ducati S2R/S4R and S4RS ( $75/set) :

Ducati Performance "Pure" jacket ($299):
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Cycle Cat and some Speedymoto products are about 10% off until the end of the year. Log on as a member for the discounts.
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