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Motostrano is having an open house event Saturday the 28th of February at our show room here in Redwood City, CA. Mark your calenders. Every one here is invited to show up by Monster, car, alternate bike, etc.. This is a pre-Daytona, pre-Supermoto race season (the next day is the first supermoto race of the season at Stockton motorplex and I have to be there all day!) opener and in-store sale type deal. It will be an all day open house thing starting, ohhh around 11 or so, with various groups showing up before or after their saturday rides: street riders, supermoto, racers, dirt riders, etc. We'll have some type of entertainment, food, give aways, drink, tunes, maybe a stunt guy and umbrella gal or two. Stop by, touch stuff, sit on bikes, try stuff on, yap about bikes, watch some videos.

I'll post a reminder a day or so before Saturday. If you haven't been to the shop before, get directions here:


Spread the word. See ya.

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