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the_journeyman said:
My towing company - Whip out cell phone call up my Dad or my neighbor (both have trucks & trailers) and have them come meet me. Of course, this doesn't work so well when I'm two states away ~

i doubt ur dad or neighbor will come to my rescue hehe ;-p

i just signed up for MTS...essentially their deal is this...
~90$/yr for unlimited tows, where they cover up to 300$ the cost of the tow...so dispatch/hookup fees are btwn $75-125 and the distance charge is $4-5/mile...which, if u do the math, will take u from 35-55 miles....

I was informed that they have 170 towing providers in New York State, 20 of which service the metropolitan area....

i'll let you know how this goes....I've tried motow and my friend's allstate....both were flaky wen it came to time of tows (midnight on friday/saturday)....and some of their provided towing shops didn't know how to handle bikes...just haphazardly strappin it down (using my seat as a fulcrum, literally jammin the locking meachanism)....
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