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Motorcycle movie!

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After Fast and the Furious i've been desperate to find a good motorcycle racing kinda movie "Torque" wasn't up to the mark any other recommendations?
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monstah said:
After Fast and the Furious i've been desperate to find a good motorcycle racing kinda movie "Torque" wasn't up to the mark any other recommendations?
You've seen "Faster", right?
+1 on Faster. There is also a movie being made about a GP racer that Kenny Roberts JR's bike will be featured in. Can't remember the name though.
+1 on "Faster" , "The Doctor, The Tornado, and the Kentucky Kid" or something like that, and "The World's Fastest Indian"

Make sure to watch all the Director's Cuts and extra stuff on the WFI DVD - priceless interviews with the real Burt Monroe. Best quote from the movie: "Dirty old men need love, too!"
"On Any Sunday" is an older movie about off road racing and riding........anybody interested in two wheels would love it, even if they don't ride off road.
Dust to Glory. Not completely about bikes but still pretty cool.

What a champ Mouse was!
Oh yeah, I forgot. If you want more real-world settings for racing, go to Roadracing World (magazine) online store and check out the compilations they have of Isle of Mann races over several years.

And there are VHS editions chronicling the legends Mike Hailwood, Barry Sheene, and Giacomo Agostini.

Hmmmm, I may have to put some of those on my Christmas list....
Also..if you get Faster..make sure it's the 2 disc DVD set. The 2nd DVD has a part all about the Desmosedici..or "THE ANIMAL"!! [thumbsup]
Biker Boyz! "Burn rubber, not your soul" [thumbsup]

check these titles out... I think its the best collection of bike/racing/roadracing DVD movies.. Just check out the trailers!!!!

#1) FASTER - http://www.fastermovie.com/
#2) One Man's Island - http://www.onemansisland.com/omi_mainframe.htm
#3) DOCTOR, TORNADO, and KENTUCKY KID - http://www.dtkmovie.com/
#4) Isle of Man TT- A Film Documentary

.... plus any of the MotoGP reviews (2003-present)
SheMonster said:
The World's Fastest Indian :D
I just got DVD & I want to get an Indian next!
Mang! I totally forgot "One Man's Island". I bought it when it first came out. It and "World's Fastest Indian" are two of the best racing/personal story movies ever.
+1 for Dust To Glory. what an amazing film. Mouse McCoy was always a favorite of mine. after seeing this movie i admire him even more. one day i wish i could be half that good on a dirt bike. (don't worry, i won't spoil the movie) but def. go see it! you won't regret it. very educational i thought.
Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

shameless self plug... a few riders/actors are from the boards here.
Another doc, but well worth it.

The Long Way 'round

Ewan McGreggor and his buddy Charlie ride BMW bikes from England to New York the long way around the world. I have watched the thing multiple times and love it. If you are going to buy it though get it from Amazon.ca (amazon canada) as that DVD has 3 more episodes that we did not get here in america.
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