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Motogp shift, Reverse shift Monster 1200S

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Does anybody know if it is possible to change the shift direction to a reverse shift on a 2019 Monster 1200S??
And will the quickshifter still be okay ??
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Yes and yes.
Would you be willing to share on the how to, or with what,...😉😁
It's easy. Rotate the front shift arm connected to the shaft coming out of the engine from down to up as close to 180 degrees from where it was in the down position. That reverses the shift pattern to 1 up 5 down. I had the dealer install the quick shifter. Mind you this is on a 2014. But it’s quite simple.
Thanks,... that is what I used to do on another bike a couple of years back, but doesn't that confuse the quickshifter that came standard with the bike.
In other words,... in a standard situation, when you shift up there will be a push action on the quickshifters loadcell,...
In reverse mode there will be a pull action on the quickshifters loadcell🤨🤪😳
That’s the unknown - mine is a 2014 and didn’t come with an oem QS -
Thanks,... Iv'e got time to look around and search the web,...
Search and find,...
Found a very interesting topic on a German Forum,... (Thank you Markus)
You would need the following,....
1 x KTM shift lever7603403104433S and 1 x KTM special washer 58303061100 and a tapered M8 x 50mm bolt.(you have to drill out the hole to 8mm instead of the 6mm in the lever for the M8x50 to fit)
1 M8 (inner thread )ball joint and M8x16mm
Furthermore a 22mm diameter bushing that is 20mm long and has an 8mm hole for spacing the lever,
And a bushing (11mm diameter, 6mm long with a 6mm hole) to put behind the QS rod in the front connection.

Result, see pictures,... to me,... it looks awesome !!
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I'm going to try this on my 2019 821 with quickshifter... will report back how it goes
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I'm going to try this on my 2019 821 with quickshifter... will report back how it goes
Ordered mine as well,... let's see,...

Done,...!!! Was quite easy too,... still needs some cosmetic work,... (change out the M8x50 for a stainless M8x60 and a stainless M8 nut) but other than that,... happy with the result.
Oh,... and I needed a thin washer that was slightly smaller than the 22mm bushing in between the bearing and the bushing for it to work smoothly.
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Nice work. My lever hasn't arrived yet, but will give it a go when it's here. Since I have am 821, hopefully it will be the same!
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Where did you find the bushings for this build? I've been looking for about a week and haven't found the exact ones yet.
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