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Moto Market tonight

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The stars have aligned.

See some of you at MotoMarket tonight?
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Can't tell you. It's top secret. Only after you have passed a rigorous, painful and humiliating initiation......

Well, maybe just this once.

MotoMarket on Rt 2A in Acton (about a few miles from I495).

They run an informal Euro Bike Night every Thursday. People start collecting there probably 6 or so. The store closes at 8 and many of the crowd rides down to the "Miracle of Science" bar and grill in Cambridge where some eat (great burgers) and some don't. Most people drift off from there, but some single people with no responsibilities (and maybe married people with struggling relationships) head to Newbury street for ice cream about midnight.

It starts out as a nice way to meet people. Many of the CD-ROM listers show up. Some form DML as well. It tends to look a bit mor poseur-ish once it heads into town. I'll be in full leather (I don't want to admit to the speeds we were ripping down Rt 2 last time I went). Hanging around a bar in full leather is about as poseur as it gets.
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What hospital? How close do you have to be?

Can't be in Acton/Cambridge while on call?

Oh wait, you said on call "AT the hospital." Guess that won't fly then.

Some other time then?

I'm on a Red Monster, black Fieldsheer 2-piece, Anthracite Shoei. (for next time I guess)
Well the Moto Market to Cambridge thing certainly doesn't qualify as "best roads in New England" riding.

There's the blast down Rt. 2. The Concord Ave to Harvard Sq and then Mass ave to the bar is great "Hooligan see how many car alarms we can set off" riding.

So it's really more social than anything else. But it's a great chance to put faces to some of the names on this board (and others not on this board.

The Rt 1A and 1B run from Hampton to Portsmouth deserves to be on the list. It's tough to get a shot at the road without choking traffic though. I made the mistake of trying midafternoon last Sunday :(

The Tuesday night thing, if we get it going, is a lot better than any time I've been on it in daylight.
There's an Italian Motorcycle Show on Sunday, the IMOC show.

It,s held at a sportsman's club (Henderson Rod & Gun) located
off rt. 20 near Mass Pike.

I can't find anything on the web.

Admission is $5.

There has been traffic on the CD-ROM list; people hooking up i a few locations to ride to the show.

I'm not available, so I'm not a good source.
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