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morris day and the time

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I heard a rumor that they are playing ribfest this year. Anyone intersted in going?
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I have a wav file I want to get on here, or at least a link to it, but I cant do it captain!! Any ideas on how to?
sorry grasshopper, I am alergic to pc's and yabbc....you probably need to link from a site or you could upload in the photo section under misc. there is a place for vid and sounds.
I shot a message over to DML admin, hopefully Jeff can get it on for us.
just go the photo gallery click on misc and upload wav. :mad:
oops wrong face ;D
c'mon i want to hear morris
What is your email address? I will send it you and you can try to upload it.
Some of us have to work for a living around here. ThankGod its not me.....
see that envelope icon over there

cool, ya learn something new everyday.
Morris Day is scheduled to hit the stage at 4 on Saturday. 8)
so i assume you will be attending?
maybe a ride and then the time?
right now the forcast is looking good for Saturday. I think that is do-able.
hey you never told me if you liked the audio clip I sent you....
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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