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OK, folks, my bike is now fully reassembled. Frankly, I'm extremely tired of working on this marvel of Italian "engineering" and I'm ready to get out and ride. Unfortunately, I've run into a couple more snags.

1. The bike won't start. It does turn over, but that's it. I'm wondering, since it's been "dry" for nearly two months, if vital fluids (i.e. gas) aren't making it through the system. I'm so tired, I'm see double, so if someone can run down a simple list of things to check, I'd much appreciate it.

2. When I put the bike in gear on the stands, the rear tire still spins freely, as if it were in neutral. I did take the clutch pressure plate and springs off to paint. A couple of the clutch discs fell out and I reinstalled them. Any thoughts? This couldn't be a symptom of a bad slave cylinder, could it (I don't think so).

Any tips/tricks/thoughts would be much appreciated. I'd really like to accomplish this rebuild without visiting the shop (grin).

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for #2, i think you failed to realign the pressure plate properly. take off the springs... now, look at the posts that the screw into to. one has a line cut across it. now look at the pressure plate. one of the "wells" where the springs go has an arrow pointing to it. more like inverted triangle. this lines up to post with line.

gas takes some time. can use carb start...
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