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This is entirely a selfish poll. I live in the Everett area and am interested in organizing a monthly coffee or dinner or drinks (or a mix) meeting to socialize and plan rides. I know there are some Bellingham Monster owners here and am hoping they'd be willing to cruise down to the Everett area to meet... like I said in the other thread here, I'm willing to ride to B'ham for a ride, but am not really willing to head all the way north for dinner (and I'm sure the B'ham folks feel the same way about heading south).

Anyhow, I would personally be willing to organize a get together in the Everett area, Seattle area, or Eastside as all of those areas are pretty easy to get to from the puget sound region. That and I work on the Eastside.

The fifth poll option is for those who think I'm a dork for trying something like this out.

P.S. You can vote for more than one option if you are flexible location-wise.
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