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Monster Virgin no more

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yep, finally got my first test ride on a Monster. thanks to Richard at Florida Motorsports in Tallahassee (yes, that's in Florida), i enjoyed a great test ride on a red/red 695 with less than 30 miles on it. now as soon as i get my new job, i'll be buying a bike from them, but i am leaning towards the S2R. the 695 was fun, and Richard took me on a couple of nice twisty backroads, but i am already addicted to that Ducati power. and i'm a sucker for that stripe on the S2R, lol.

[clap] to a dealership that actually gives test rides. i went to another Ducati dealer and they looked at me like i had a phallus growing out of my forehead. even if Richard didn't have the best price, which he does seem to have, i'd still want to buy it from him just because of the way they treated me and the impression i got from the shop.

i'll post some pics tomorrow as soon as i download them. :)
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Thumbs up for that... I give my bussiness to the place that treats my with respect and takes care of me with great customer service, rather then to the place with the lower price in the type of deal.
i totally agree. in this case, the price is great too, which makes it all the better. :)
+1 on good dealers, it's important to have a good relationship. Good luck on the job and with the bike. [thumbsup]
thanks Red Baron, really appreciate that. :) and thanks for the comment. i think if we talk about the good dealerships, the bad ones will need to improve to be able to compete.
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