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monster sighting 12-02-06 in SLO

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in front of the old parking garage on Palm ST. in san luis obispo

anyone on here?

thats my yellow asian lady-friend in the back ;D

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Not me but I think that guy lives over by Albertsons on Foothill.
Yeah, I think that was me. Mine's yellow with carbon pipes. I've got a whiteish Shift jacket and usually am wearing a white helmet, so if you see me around.. i dunno.. honk, or something...? And yeah, my base of operations is near that Albertsons.
Yeah, feel stupid. Thought the pic of the red monster was a pic of yours... I was parked there about the same day (dec 2nd) so i just figured... (and to think.. they let people like me into Cal Poly... ) anyhow..
I thought you were out by Madonna? Oh, wait... There's an Albertson's on Madonna and Los Osos, isn't there... [cheeky] I think the guy with the red Monster (other than me) lives over by Albertson's on Foothill by the Shack. I just got my bike back from SB Ducati so you may see me running around. If I get really lazy and ride to school I park by the old airconditioning building. The Construction Management department has since torn the building down and started building a new building there.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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