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There are several threads on this topic. Don't forget to try a search.

Keep in mind that your bike doesn't weigh just 161Kg / 355Lbs as listed in your owner's manual, since you're probably not going to drain your fluids just for hauling.

There is a list of carrying capacities for various vehicles at http://www.versahaul.com/vehiclecarrycapacity.php. Note that these weights are not the same as the "tongue weight" listed by the manufacturer for each vehicle because the weight on the carrier sits about 2 feet behind the hitch receiver. It doesn't list the Lexus RX350, but it says the heaviest bike you can put on a hauler on a Lexus GX 470 is 249 pounds, which would rule out your 696.

The problem is that all that weight back there can compress your vehicle's suspension way too far even if the tongue weight can supposedly accommodate it.

Bottom line is that I might try it on a heavy-duty pickup, but not on most SUV's.
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