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Monster engine in Alazurra frame

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Does anyone here know if I can replace a tired
650 Pantah engine in Cagiva Alazurra with a
aircooled Monster engine?

Appreciate any help with keeping this older
bike on the road!
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The width of the engine bosses on the 600/650/750 engines of that period were 2.5mm narrower than the later 900 cases.
Also, the swingarm pivot was a bushing of much larger diameter than the needle bearings of the later stuff. That works because all of the later engines have the rear cylinder reversed and will require a swingarm that accomodates the rear exhaust pipe passing through it. You will need to mount the later model swingarm.
I don 't know whether the Allazurra frame will accomodate a late model air-box either.

Doug Lofgren
Thanks for this! Hope someone else finds this information useful, too!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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