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Monster Centrestand

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I'd like to have a centrestand on my 2000 900 i e Dark - anyone in Oz got one they'd like to sell ? I mean one that bolts on the 'bike, not one to lift the rear wheel in the shed.

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I've only seen these fitted to bikes, and in all my ducati parts obsession web surfing, I have not come across anywhere that sells them.....

I had one on my first Monster. It was a DP part and I bought it from Moto One.
i have sent you an e-mail.
paul. [thumbsup]
>> i have sent you an e-mail.

Thanks muchly paul, yr email received and I'll chase that info up.

Tried to reply to ya directly a few times but "Postmaster " keeps returning my email as "undeliverable "

that's a bit odd, i've had a few drop outs with my modem but i'm getting mail o.k.....at least i thought i was!!
anyway, glad i could help.
There's one in the current DP parts catalogue. I was interested but I couldn't see how it could be attached despite the dealer saying it would be ok. A bit pricy so I didn't bother with it (more important mods happening at the time), but I'd be interested if you find one for your 900. And if you do, pics please.
I bought a secondhand ST2 centrestand from a wrecker today A$220

It fitted perfectly in all the important areas, only little glitch was the foot lever piece fouled on the Staintune muffler. Maybe OK on the oval muffs but mine are the round variety.

A little touch with the oxy torch is needed to bend the foot piece slightly forward and outwards.

Had to replace one spacer with a coupla washers, otherwise a fairly simple job.

I hated not having a centrestand, to me a 'bike without a centrestand is just a damm nuisance, as poxy as a Hurley..............

Some pix on link below


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That foot lever is huge. I wonder if it could be cut down or if you really need it that big to get the bike up on the stand.

The only bike I had with centre stand was this one. Foot lever was small. As I remember all you needed to do was use your foot on the lever to lower the stands main legs down to the concrete, then stand on the foot lever (put your weight on it) then lift the bike with the passenger grab bar. The foot lever was just to hold the stand down while you lifted the bike. But with this stand you have is the foot lever used to lift the bike?

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Yeah, well Wanwo, that lil Honda is a fair bit lighter than a 900 Monsta !!!
The lengthy lever makes it very easy to haul the 'bike up.

There's three reasons I did things my way. Firstly I try to avoid irrevocably boogering up parts I've just paid good money for wherever possible - I can always sell the stand as an ST2 item in future.

Secondly the Monsta is rather wide and I didn't want to have to be fishing around under the muffler looking for a small obscure foot lever. That's a recipe for dropping the 'bike one day ( or night ).

Thirdly the exercise worked out damm well, I've been out for a nice blast today, stopped and used the stand a dozen times on all sorts of terrain, it is highly functional.

Have added another two pics to the web page showing where the bends were done and where the foot pad has ended up.

Question - should I do a post on the main DML message board so other owners can see the mod - or are those Muricans, Poms, etc already sick of hearing about how folks in Oz get off their arse and do things for themselves ??

Maybe I should wait til all those in Oz who want to fit centrestands have snapped up all available ST2/4 stands :)

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I'm surprised that you didn't go for a DP centrestand. Was it the price for a new part?
i know of a 2nd hand d/p centrestand that is monster specific if anyone is interested, $300.
loony888 said:
i know of a 2nd hand d/p centrestand that is monster specific if anyone is interested, $300.
Do you know which year model its off?
I ask because I was told that I couldn't take the centrestand off my 600 to the M1000S. So, I am interested in one. I've ridden around on the 1000 for 8 months and feel like I'd like to put one on again.
it came off a friends 2000 monster 900 ie. call bevan at EUROTWINS on 0737155088
be quick though, he goes on xmas hols from the 15th.......the lucky bastard. [laugh]
Thanks. I'll do more research and see if it will fit my bike.
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