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Monster Calendar Submission Information

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We're trying for a last minute run to get the 2004 calendar done. If you want the nitty-gritty on this topic, check the thread here

Here are the rules:

  • - Submittals may be rejected by the calendar team if the quality of the picture is not up to calendar quality; suggested minimum resolution would be 1600x1200 and should have good focus and composition.
    - The bikes must be DML member rides. One picture per bike, per member.
    - No categories - the thirteen individual bikes with the highest votes get the months and the cover.
    - No rating/weighting - each member will get 5 votes (you cannot use all five votes on the same pic), all votes will count the same.
    - Submissions will be accepted until December 5th, 2003. Voting will take place from December 6th through the 10th.
    - Eligibility - Only DML members that have joined November 9th or earlier are eligible to vote or submit photos.

Fillmore has agreed to tabulate votes. The voting rules would be simple. Only DML/DucatiMonster.org members would be allowed to vote. Five votes per member on a single ballot would be allowed. There will be no categories and all votes will be weighted the same (i.e. your first vote and your fifth vote count the same in the final tabulation. Only one vote per bike is allowed, multiple votes for the same bike on a single ballot will be disregarded.

While there is still some discussion as to voting, we will get that ironed out very soon. What's important right now is that you all get your pics in ASAP, as we only have a couple weeks before voting.

The submissions gallery is Here. Anyone should be able to add photos to the gallery, but if you have any trouble, email me at [email protected].
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Here was my thinking on the "members only" rule.

1. The calendar bikes are a lot like DML bike of the month. They generate ideas and questions that can enrichen the content on the forums and mailing list on a regular basis. If the bike does not belong to a member then you get posts like "That's a cool bike!" or individual to individual e-mails, but it doesn't have as much potential to add to the DML 'community'.

2. I like to think that the calendar is a "by us - for us" kind of thing. By restricting the content to member bikes, the calendar is a better representation of what's going on with the members of the DML. I also think that it can be rewarding to our members to have a photo selected by their peers, or even to just receive positive comments from their submissions and a lot of that could be wasted if the bike doesn't belong to a DML'er.

That said, I can see where Dennis is coming from. He's a member whose work and craft are very high quality, they represent him as a member, and the photos could be a source of high quality content for the calendar.

I've thought of the last couple of calendars as being "DML calendars" not just Monster calendars, so to me using photos of non-member bikes dilutes that a bit. But like I said, it's "for us" as a community so if Dennis wants his one submission to be of someone else's bike, but representing him as a member and an artist, I just think that those facts should just be pointed out in the gallery and let the voting decide.

One more thing to add. I think if this happens, it would be better if the owner can at least be identified (I kinda don't dig it when I stumble across a picture of my bike on a complete stranger's webpage without my permission or any information about the bike), and Dennis should start thinking about how the bike will be represented in the little "factoid" (if I can steal a non-word from CNN) that has traditionally accompanied the selected photos.

My .02,
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What I meant by "maximum size", was not how big can be submitted, but how big the image is that was submitted.
I'm hoping that it just won't be a problem. With the members only submission policy, the qualification date, and the one submission per member rule, I think the vast majority of submission will be the member's own bike.

At this point, it sounds like even Dennis is trying to submit his own bike, so maybe we should just disregard what I just wrote, and keep the members bikes rule.

That sounds like it's the quick consensus, and that's where my heart lies as well, so let's just keep the member's bikes rule.

That seems fine to me. That's your submission, they get theirs.

I don't think this whole thing should be about interpreting the letter of each rule, but the spirit of the rules. When I spit those out in three minutes, I was just trying to come up with some guidelines to keep the calendar DML oriented.

That's a cool picture and it obviously goes along with the spirit of the rules.

We're down to the last couple of hours to submit a photo for consideration to be included in the 2004 DML Calendar. If you'd like to submit something, please get it in before Midnight Eastern Standard time.

I'll post instructions on voting in a bit. Please don't vote until Midnight, Mountain Standard Time so that any last minute submissions can be considered.

Also, if you submitted a photo, please go to the submissions page ( http://www.fokust.com/gallery/2004DMLCalendar ) and make sure that either your DML BBS username or the e-mail address that you use on the list is in the info for the picture so that I can verify eligibillity. If you submitted a low res version of the picture, please update it with an image with a resolution of at least 1200 x 1600.

I've posted the basics for calendar voting, including a form that can be used to submit your votes.

The (simple) form is now up at:
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