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I am a newbie with the ducati bikes. I bought a 2000 Monster 900 like eight months ago and everything has been great.

I just think I made a big mistake, I didn't know about the valves adjustment and I have ran the bike over 7000 miles without a valve adjustment (at least on this mileage it hasn't received an adjustment, but I am sure the previous owner didn't adjust them very often)

Well ... the thing is that the bike lost a lot of power. In the low RPMs it works and sounds almost well but when I open the throttle it lost power and frequently I heard explosions in the exhausts .

I've read a lot and I have measured the shim clearances and I am sure it needs an adjustment, for example, the worst case

Vertical intake:
Unloaded gap = .003" = .0762mm
Loaded gap = .011" = .279mm
D (delta) = 0.279mm - 0.0762mm = 0.202mm

So, is it the reason why it lost power? Or do you suggest me to verify something else?

Thanks !!

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