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I decided to pull the plugs to inspect them since I am at 17000k. The lateral plugs were easy and behaved as expected, looked dirty and a bit worn but otherwise ok.
The vertical plugs were a giant PITA!! The boots were basically glued to the ceramic of the plugs. I twisted, pulled, twisted and pulled until I could barley use my fingers. I finnaly got them to break free with a large set of needle nose. I approached them from the side and using a heavy rag between the pliers and the valve cover, pried them (and stretched them by about 3") until they finnaly let go. I must say the rubber on these boots is exceptionally strong as I barely marred them at all.
The plugs themselves looked worn but ok. I test the boots and they are still good, so I refitted them and added dielectric grease so hopefully they don't stick to the plugs again.
New plugs ordered from Clubplug.ca
I will be pulling the plugs annually now to make sure that this doesn't happen again.
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