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ok, which of you goofballs wants to be in charge?
ducman851 asked me to pick somebody else since he moved.

(please not LOKI, please not LOKI... ;))

-jeff h.
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Well... As the new moderator... Does that mean that you will help me find a bike this next year?? Since Tony is leaving me and all :p... I will need good input!! At least I know that you will be able to give it to me!!! ;D

You are the one who taught me everything you know!!! ::) Let's just say it wasn't much!!! ;)
Hey Tony, isn't it acceptable to sleep with your cousin in Texas...You'll fit right in!

I'm not saying I ever slept with him!! :p :-X !!! What do you think I am!!!

BTW LOKI~~~ It is about time you fixed that avatar!!!
1 - 3 of 21 Posts
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