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Nice to see a Chicago area club organized. How long has this been around? Less than a year ?

Where do folks get their Monsters from? MCC in Villa Park?


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Welcome. Most of us have picked up our bikes from MCC or Chicago Cycle. We have a website at http://mocha.8m.net/ to see some pics. It hasn't been updated since mid October though. We're all pretty anxious for the 50+ days to get here so we can start riding again. Where do you live? I'm in Chicago (Division and Ashland).


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Peace Chet.

I've picked up my monster from Chicago Cycle Center. I suggest buying from there for a few reasons. Lifetime 30% discount on anything purchased from there, and you'll get a better price since they sell in volume. If you're interested, let me know I might be able to get you something cheaper. However, CCC sucks when it comes to service and we have a good knowledgeable cat who we recommend. Holla at your boy if you're interested. Where do you live and what kind of bike you looking for?

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