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What is your MOB membership status

  • I am a MOB member, and I own a Ducati

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  • I am a MOB member, but don't own a Ducati

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Phil J. said:
I am a new Ducati owner ;D I am not a member :'( How do I become a member ???

I have seen the link for the San Francisco Bay Monster Hooligans Association. The site has not been updated since 2003! I see some of the same people in the member list. Is that club defunct?
Has it been replaced by or evolved into Ducati MOB?
And what is this Zeitgeist you speak of?
So many questions... [laugh]

Well, if you're reading this and have signed up on the DML, then you're a member. It's a highly exclusive organization!

The SFBMHA site is pretty much defunct. We changed the name a while back b/c nobody could remember SFBMHA. Prolly due to the loss of too many brain cells as a result of crashing or drinking.

Zeitgeist is, I guess, our unoffical 'clubhouse' - it's a bar in the SF Mission (16th and Duboce). It has *lots* of character. We're going to hang out tomorrow night to say hi to an out of town member and the guy who really keeps the DML humming, mysfitt. And then again on 12/28 for our regular, last-thursday-of-the-month meeting. Actually "meeting" makes it sound like we're organized, which we decidedly are not.

Oh, and we go for rides sometimes. [thumbsup]
1 - 4 of 85 Posts
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