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Mo ster 696 hissing noise

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Hi everyone,

First time posting here,

I own a monster 696 2012 year with 33,000km
My first real motorbike,
( previously owned a cbr250)
I love everything about it, the look the power and above all the sound of the termignoni exhaust.

Unfortunatly last week I noticed a hissing noise coming from the engine, near the belt covers.
The bike doesnt feel smooth, it's sluggish almost like its struggling.
Don't know what to look for and I don't really know any good mechanic in Sydney.

The only thing I ever done to it my self it's a change of oil and filter.

The next service its up in about 3k km.

Any advices?

Thanks 馃槉

Thats the video

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Pull the belt covers off and listen to see if the "whistle" is from the belts on the pulleys or a siezed/ sticking idler/ tensioner bearing.
Obviously check belt condition.
Do you have it's service history, ie: have the belts ever been changed or how old are they?
Your vid doesn't capture the whistle but belts or vacuum leaks are the likely culprits on any engine.
If it sounds like a slide whistle doing an impression of a goofy clown laugh, then your belts are tight. Change the belts, it's cheap ininsurance. I'd also recommend some aftermarket idler rollers. Super easy install and not too expensive.
my s2r800 makes a lot of 'air' noisea too. because i have opened up the air intake and exhaust and removed the heat shield. our simple 2 valve monster really dont sound the same as 3v or 4v liquid cooled bikes ducatis or other brands.

air spark fuel.
is your air fitler clogged, is bad fuel clogging up the injectors, check your spark plugs and look for markers
is it sluggish at all RPMs or just low rpm?
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