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milk in oil?

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When checking my oil level there is a white milky substance that can be seen through the oil sight glass after the bike is shut down. Is that normal in any way or has a cow been humping my duc?

Dan :eek:
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I have fabricated a simple oil cooler cover to use when riding in cooler weather. Without it, the bike never gets up to temp sufficiently to boil the water off (old bike, no temp gauge, just estimating).

I made mine from Aluminum roofing flashing. Tin snips and a woodworking vice to bend the thing.

Others use Aluminum foil. That's easier to stuff in your pocket if it warms up, but I kept losing mine. It'd blow off at speed.

I'll use the cover for any ride during which I expect temps to be in the 30's to mid 40's. If it's below 30, I'm not likely to be out much :(
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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